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Crosswalk: The Game

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Based in, Utah


Jake McNeal

Release date:

May 21st, 2018


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You are in control of Tommy and 19 of his friends in this outlandish, top down action game. Drag, Tommy and his friends to help navigate them to the other side of the street. It wont be easy, while simultaneously controlling 20 characters you will be bombarded by cars, trucks, lawnmowers, bicyclists, and more on this wacky adventure across 10 levels. Do you have what it takes to complete the game? Will you be the one to save Tommy and his friends in a game unlike any other? Download it now to find out!


  • Play 10 unique and progressively harder levels.
  • Listen to a great soundtrack written by Jake McNeal.
  • Enjoy "Yearbook Theme" created by Ryan McNeal.
  • Drag Civilians away from hazards with touch.
  • Hang out with Tommy and 19 of his friends.
  • Defeat the final boss.

  • Crosswalk: The Game Credits

    Jake McNeal


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